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Cameramen of The New York Motion Picture Co. 1916

                                      About Handcrankcameras.COM

                          Hello. My name is Michael Madden (aka Mac Estelle). Welcome to my website.

                   This site is dedicated to the history,  preservation,  sale and restoration of antique hand crank motion picture cameras.  I have been studying,  buying,  selling and restoring  these wonderful  cameras for almost twenty years and have actually restored somewhere near two hundred cameras.  Some of the cameras I have owned or restored were owned by some of Hollywoods finest film makers and designed by incredible engineers and inventors. It is a privilege  to help keep them running for years to come so future film makers can enjoy them.

                    A  few examples of the cameras that have come through my hands are the famous Lumiere Cinematographe, Bell and howell 2709, Mitchell Standards, Prestwich, Moy and Basties, Pathes, Wilarts, Debries,  Akeleys, and many more.  It has been my passion to keep these technological wonders alive and I am happy to say that every camera I have worked on can actually be used today to shoot film and make movies once again.

                  Please feel free to contact me if you have a camera you want to SELL or RESTORE.  Or send me your wish list of cameras you are looking for and I will help you find them.

​                  Please click on the PORTFOLIO icon above to see some of the cameras that have come through my hands. ENJOY.