Exciting news!!!  ​My film "HELP WANTED" is having it"s first private screening on June 27th. More news as it becomes available.

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                 At present, I am producing a silent film comedy titled, "HELP WANTED".  Below is a short clip from the film and also another clip showing production as I operate a modern digital camera and an antique HAND CRANK PATHE STUDIO 35mm motion picture camera. 

                This was an incredible experience as this camera was owned by the king of all cameramen,  Billy Bitzer.  This very camera shot the DW Griffith films, "The Birth Of A Nation",  "Intolerance",  "Way Down East" and many others. What a thrill to be looking through the finder of this wonderful old movie camera that at one time had seen the images of such great artists/actresses as Lillian and Dorothy Gish, Mae Marsh and so many others.  A privilege indeed.

​The Sterling Moving Picture Co.

Below you are seeing postcards for my upcoming silent movie comedy titled      

                       ​"HELP WANTED"         

Exciting News My silent comedy "HELP WANTED" has won Best Short Comedy! at

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